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The Rick Ross Diet Plan || Chinese Medicine & Weight Loss

Remember a couple years ago when Rick Ross told us he lost 100 lbs. by, “eating pears and s***?” Memes, vines, and even the USA Pears twitter account (@USApears) all gained from his newly declared love of fruit. Well Ricky Rozay has been in the news lately over a less positive health related topic. A recent hospitalization due to a heart problem, rumored to require cardiac and respiratory support after being found unconscious in his Miami mansion has lead to a lot of talk about the rappers lifestyle and health.

It was in 2011 when Mr. MMG had back-to-back seizures on two flights, which sparked Rick Ross on a weight loss regime. Cross fit (aka “RossFit”) and his, “shout out to all the pears,” helped Ricky Rozay lose almost 100 lbs. which he so graciously shared with us in the hilarious Tim Westbrook interview. Heck Dr. Oz even interviewed him over his extreme weight loss!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine excess weight is considered extra dampness and phlegm. This means the adipose tissue, the fancy word for fat; is a physical manifestation of “heavy energy.” No coincidence that heavy foods are often the ones high in bad fat and calories: cheese, milk, deep fried foods, sugar, sweets etc.

In my practice a lot of people ask about acupuncture and weight loss and how it works. So here’s the deal: acupuncture is a regulating medicine, and with our magic needles we are able to regulate & improve organ function. A lot of people who are overweight often over eat- and then eat the wrong foods. With a good fitness & nutrition plan (yes we do magic, but we don’t perform miracles, you still need to exercise and eat well) and efficiently functioning organs you are able to breakdown foods better, absorb the nutrients from them, and therefore feel full faster lessening your desire to reach for more food.

We can also reduce one’s appetite as well by limiting what we call “fire or heat” in the body. A fire is reckless in nature, and if we have too much fire internally, one’s appetite can also be reckless. People with this excess heat also have a warmer constitution to match and love to reach for those “cool or damp foods”; like ice cream, sugar, and sweets to “cool” them down. This is why reducing heat is imperative in any acupuncture weight loss treatment plan. The damp foods are major weight loss vibe killers.

Losing weight can be complicated and eating pears alone isn’t going to cut it. Why you gained the weight, the emotional connection, and a whole slew of health factors really need to be examined to get the right plan for you. Luckily Acupuncture also can address the addiction or emotional component to food as well (just call me the acu pusha!). Nutritionally though, anyone who comes into my office looking to lose weight will also get the famous broken record entitled, “Amrit's Four Chinese Medicine No’s To Lose Weight:”

NO wheat

NO dairy

NO sugar

NO cold

Whether we follow it or not the first three are pretty common knowledge nowadays, but stay tuned for next weeks blog post for where I get into the how Chinese Medicine looks at food energetics & temperature vs. nutritional value when its comes to healthy & nutritious eating and what I really mean about no cold food!

P.S. William Leonard Roberts II, aka Rick Ross, aka Ricky Rozay, call me and let’s get you sorted. 💛

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