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'Bye Felicia' to Diabetes

Guys how cute is Ice Cube?!?!

Just LOVE he did this 'Bye, Felicia' shirt with proceeds going to the American Diabetes Association. Did you know 50% of adults in America are diabetic or pre-diabetic? We’re not too far behind either. In Canada, South Asians, Chinese and Blacks account for over half the diabetic population in this country! C’mon we can do better than this!

The good news is Type II Diabetes can be managed with diet, exercise and yes, even Acupuncture. Of course I’m going to say that, you say?? No seriously, the World Health Organization (WHO) includes treatment for non-insulin-dependent Diabetes mellitus on their list of 43 diseases that Acupuncture has sufficient clinical evidence to treat successfully. mic drop.

Check out: www.diabetes.ca for more info. They have a Community Pharmacy Outreach Program, free webinars and tons of health tips. Make sure you speak to your family doctor before making some real changes; the information is out there though!

I hope we can say ‘Bye, Felicia’ to more health problems in the future!

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