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60 Min. Initial Appointment

1 hr | $145.00

Already know what you need fixed? Book your initial AcuWithAmrit treatment here so we can get started right away!

45 Min. Follow Up

45 min | $105.00

Now that we've got a plan, book here for your follow-ups to keep up with your treatment plan.

Glow Up

$161.30 Initial | $151.30 Follow-Up

 You must try cosmetic acupuncture - it’s the best! CA works by stimulating the body’s natural ability to produce collagen to the face. Get a glow up, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and tighten your skin naturally!

I Can't Eat That

1 hr | $145.00

Figuring out your digestive system and what you can and can’t eat is a mission these days. Book in, let’s go over your diet and through an abdominal diagnosis we will figure out the problem and how acupuncture can help you.

Whatever It Takes

1 hr | $145.00

Pain got you down? Sports injuries, accidents, and sitting at a desk are major causes for pain in the body. Whatever the source, book in this treatment and we will do an assessment and get you back into your game - whatever that may be!

Is It Hot In Here?

1 hr | $145.00

Hot flashes keeping you up at night or interfering with your day? Hormones are a complicated bunch. Book here so we can go over any hormonal issues you may have and how acupuncture can help you with any of your womanly issues.

A Bun In The Oven 

1 hr | $145.00

Trying? Already got a little bun going? Book in for a fertility or pregnancy treatment to support your journey in creating a family.  These treatments can aid in natural pregnancy, assist during IUI/IVF treatments, post-partum depression and my personal fave - labour induction!

The Bay St. Special

1 hr | $145.00

Stressed? Insomnia? Traveling a lot? This treatment is for people who are constantly on the go, managing their personal and work lives and want to be their optimal selves.

Those Pesky Pounds

1 hr | $145.00

Killing it at the gym? Got a new diet plan? Yet seeing no results? Book in and let’s look at your diet plan from a Chinese Medicine Nutritional perspective, do acupuncture to help control your appetite and find out why the pounds aren’t shedding.

Please note there is a 24 cancellation policy on all appointments. 

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