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Everything You Need to Know


  • What can acupuncture treat?
    Acupuncture can treat a number of conditions from headaches & migraines (my personal fave condition to treat!), to injuries from sports, accidents and post-surgical pains. I also treat a number of internal conditions, such as digestive problems, menstrual concerns, skin issues, allergies, fertility, stress, mood/emotional issues and more. It can also help with fine lines and wrinkles using Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture (CFA)!
  • How does acupuncture work?
    When it comes to internal health problems, acupuncture points are like light switches. You come in, tell me your problem, and I have to turn on the right “light switches” (acupuncture points) to fix that problem. The acupuncture points are a gateway to help improve the functions of your organs and body tissues because they are connected to your organs through the meridians (energy lines all over your body). The majority of the acupuncture points I use are below the elbow and knees and they help to increase your circulation, reduce inflammation, regulate your hormones, boost your immune system and more!
  • How does treatment alleviate pain and improve sports injuries?
    The focus changes with pain and sports injuries. These treatments require using local needles to stimulate the muscles at the injury site. My approach is well rounded: I use supportive acupuncture points to work on inflammation, circulation, strengthen the tendons and ligaments and help release the muscles and fascia (connective tissue throughout the whole body) locally at the same time. In sports therapy, acupuncture is often referred to as a connective tissue medicine because it works so well on these mentioned parts of the body.
  • Is it covered by my insurance?
    Yes, Acupuncture is covered under most extended health care plans and work benefits. You will be provided with an insurance receipt after your treatment, but it is best to check in advance with your provider to be absolutely sure.
  • Is it safe?
    Yes. As of 2013, Acupuncture is a regulated health profession in Ontario and, as such, has new rules and obligations for practitioners to abide by regarding health and safety in the clinic. All the needles in my practice are single use needles which are safely disposed of in a Medical Sharps Bin.
  • Does it hurt?
    No! Acupuncture is not supposed to hurt. I always tell my patients, you are picturing a syringe and we are using acupuncture needles, they are very different as the acupuncture needles are much thinner. I also only use the thinnest and highest quality Korean and Japanese needles in my practice for a 'pain-fee' treatment.
  • How long are the appointments?
    Your first appointment will be one hour where we go through your health history form, discuss your condition, diagnosis & treatment plan and then do the acupuncture itself. Follow-ups are 45 minutes long.
  • Can I do other treatments alongside acupuncture?
    Yes. Combining acupuncture with other modalities works wonderfully. It's best to give 24 hours in between the other treatments so they all have time for their results to kick in.
  • Any other questions?
    Contact Amrit Singh R.Ac at
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