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#metoo Episode on KayRay's Cha Da Cup Podcast

In January I was invited to speak on a very special episode of KayRay's Cha Da Cup Podcast on the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

I won't lie, I was a bit nervous about being on this podcast. I'm used to speaking about immune systems or how to build your acupuncture practice, but KayRay taking me out of my shell was such an amazing experience. In the end, not only did I love doing this because I got to see how I look as a cartoon character (check me out below!), but it was an honour to share the podcast mic with @frida_banks who self proclaims: "I act, I write, and I talk shxt" and @mariahowen, an actor, writer, director, producer and owner of GTE Productions. Check out the episode below where you can hear me chime in on my experience as an Acupuncturist, and the risks of being alone with male patients, sexual harassment in our schools, how spirituality can blur the lines of boundaries & power (remember the $7m sexual harassment suit against "Mr. Hot Yoga" Bikram Choudhury?!) and how I believe these movements are a microcosm of bigger & better things to come for everyone universally. Click on the pic to stream the episode or subscribe to KayRay's Podcast here.

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