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A Woman's 7 Year Cycle in Chinese Medicine || Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! I think the past year we as women have made some major progress, in the media and personally as well. I feel like I haven’t seen as many female entrepreneurs as I see today. The #metoo & #timesup movements have really shaken up the world and accountability is at a level we have never seen before.

I'm so proud to be a strong woman and I personally believe to be a woman that creates change in the world and help progress it forward, we need to understand our bodies better, and really take some of the health care back into our own hands. The more we know about how our bodies work, what foods we need and how our hormones and energy flows, the better we can be.

This is one of the many reasons why I love Chinese Medicine. It has such a natural, holistic and poetic way of describing our bodies and health cycles throughout our lives. Our periods in Chinese Medicine are actually referred to as Tian Gui, or in English, "Heavenly Water", how amazing is that?

Below is a breakdown on how Chinese Medicine looks at women’s health in time cycles. There are 7 cycles at 7 years each. Now slight disclaimer: this information is based on texts that were written 2500 years ago, so the world, health technology and society have changed, but as you read along you will see how some of the physiology of it is still so true. Enjoy! Feel free to comment below :)

The 7x7 Cycle

Firstly, we have to look at what mainly governs the growth and development of a female body. In Chinese Medicine, it’s the Kidneys. Sounds weird right? Well the Kidneys to us aren’t only two little bean shaped organs in your low back that filter blood. They are so much more than that! To us the kidneys govern your health, growth, development, menstrual blood, reproduction, the hair on your head, teeth, bones and the aging process.


Up to age 7 is when the Kidney energy starts to grow strong. A curiosity for the world begins and the child has an urgency to explore life. The Qi (energy) should be abundant here to create a solid foundation.


This is generally a time where physical growth is occurring and a woman’s period will begin also known as the age of menarche. The age of what now? I know…sounds like it should be in Hunger Games or something. Puberty, people. We’re just talking about puberty.

This is the age a girl becomes a woman.


This is when a women reaches her full height and is considered at the best age to begin reproduction.


This is the fertility peak and the best age to have children as you are at your strongest time in this cycle.

Apparently all they cared to tell us about 21 to 28 is, it is baby-making time!


According to Chinese Medicine, this is the age when it’s pretty much game over. I know, they were so harsh 2500 years ago! But in Chinese Medicine this is when aging begins, and general energy and fatigue occur.


At this age, the chance to conceive heavily decreases as the blood and metabolism slow down. This is when we would see early symptoms of what western society deems as “menopause”.


Here a lot of your energy declines and your blood since this is when the period ceases and the chances of getting pregnant are non-existant. Wait, but what about Janet Jackson you say?? 🤔 Janet Jackson genes, access and technology weren’t around 2500 years ago.

Generally in the West, a lot of women fear this time or it’s look at very negatively. However, it’s a time of spiritual and emotional renewal. In Chinese Medicine they actually call it the “Second Spring”, meaning that this is your second round of life at begin anew, to begin for you.

Stay tuned for more articles about women’s health because the more we know about ourselves, the more empowered we are!

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